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You want your Advisors to build high-trust client relationships, master client acquisition, and emulate the success habits of the Top Advisors. You also want your Advisors to be prepared for any disruption and effectively use their tools and technology to serve their clients at the highest level possible.

Bill Bachrach Speaking to a large audience
Bill Bachrach on the big stage

Step Away from Presentations That Fail to Resonate

You’ve probably already spent a fortune on technology and tools your Advisors aren’t using as much as you want them to. With a bold and targeted message, Bill will inspire your Financial Advisors to use those tools and technology to serve their clients and reach their full potential.

For your next conference (live or virtual), it’s vital to book a speaker who has powerful, industry-specific content AND excellent delivery. But you know those two things don’t usually go together. You often get either industry expertise OR great presentation skills. For over three decades, Bill Bachrach has been delivering both.

Bill’s message is relevant for every Top Advisor, Mediocre-Middle Advisor, and NexGen Advisor, who seeks to build a better clientele and is serious about being successful.

Bill Bachrach Always Delivers

Bill conducted another outstanding presentation for my Advisors and the ratings were very high, as I expected. He is ‘spot on’ with helping them be crystal clear about their value promise to clients and prospective clients. Their value promise and them delivering on that promise defines what they can charge clients and clients will gladly pay for that experience.

Neil Ouditt

National Managing Director, Associate Advisor Program, Advisory Services, Manulife

Thank you for a powerful and impactful presentation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Cody Foster

Advisors Excel

I built my $1.5M fee-based business by implementing what I learned from Bill Bachrach.

Sybil Praski

Western Wealth Management

If you want to give your Advisors a great experience that they can use in today’s world, you need to hire Bill.

Mike Ankers

Director of National Sales, Richardson GMP

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